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Child Deaths

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Child Death Overview Panel

The Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) is currently a sub-committee of the Haringey Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB). The CDOP is chaired by the Assistant Director of Public Health and members include representatives from the police, the Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group, Haringey Council’s Children’s Services, the LSCB, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust and Whittington Health NHS Trust. The group meets four times a year and reports to the LSCB. The purpose of the panel is to review all child deaths, collect and analyse information about the deaths of all children resident in Haringey and report the learning to relevant agencies and the LSCB.

The current Haringey CDOP process is as follows:

  • When a child dies from natural causes and the death is expected decisions and notifications take place, information is gathered, and the death is reviewed by the CDOP
  • If the death is from un-natural causes and is not expected then a rapid response meeting is held, decisions and notifications take place, information is gathered, and the death is reviewed by the CDOP. The death may be referred to the serious case review sub-group for consideration

In September 2019 a new child death overview process will be implemented and the detail for this new process can be found on the The Haringey Safeguarding Children Partnership page.

Haringey eCDOP

Haringey along with other London boroughs is now using the electronic eCDOP system for the notification of child deaths and the sharing of information. This system also allows for cases to be reviewed at meetings and the CDOP.

When a child dies in Haringey the death should be notified immediately using this form (external link), which will enable the relevant attending professional to complete and submit the Form A death notification online.

Requests for information in relation to the death will also be made online using this system and the information will then be collated automatically and submitted to the Haringey CDOP for review.

Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for Child Deaths in Haringey

If you have any initial queries in connection with the child death review process or eCDOP please contact the single points of contact:

Alison McIndoe, Paediatric Liaison Nurse RSCN SCPHN BSc (Hons)

Paediatric Liaison Service, North Middlesex Hospital, Child Protection Unit, Maternity Entrance, Sterling Way, London N18 1QX.

Claire Lloyd, Named Nurse Safeguarding Children Haringey

Whittington Health, Haringey Community Children’s Health Service, Tynemouth Road Health Centre, Tynemouth Road, London N15 4RH.

Please also inform:

Dr Andrew Robins, Consultant Paediatrician

Lead Doctor for Safeguarding Children, Whittington Health and Acting Paediatrician for Islington CDOP.

  • Email: andrewrobins@nhs.net
  • Safeguarding Hotline: 020 7288 5261
  • Tel: 020 7288 5717 (Secretary)
  • Mobile via switchboard: 020 7272 3070
  • Fax: 020 7288 5215


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MASH Report Abuse and Neglect

If you are worried about a child for any reason, contact MASH on 020 8489 4470.

If you are making a referral: MashReferral@haringey.gov.uk

If you are calling between 5pm and 9am weekdays or anytime at the weekend, call the Emergency out-of-hours duty team on 020 8489 0000.

If you or a child is in immediate danger you should always phone 999.


Allegations Against Staff - LADO

Please use referral form for the LADO:

Contact LADO:

Email: LADO@haringey.gov.uk
T. 020 8489 2968

All allegations should be reported without delay to:

Haringey's Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)
2nd Floor River Park House
N22 8HQ

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