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Haringey Early Help and Prevention – COVID-19 response plan

In order to provide effective support for families who may be vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis, Haringey’s Early Help Service is now offering a family welfare check-in service.

The Haringey Early Help Family Check-in will be 2 phone calls a week with families considered most vulnerable and already open to the Early Help Service.

The allocated Family Support Worker will check the family is ok and has access to basic needs (food, medicines and provisions) in addition there will also be a discussion on the emotional well-being of all in the household and proactive parenting advice will be given where appropriate.

There will also be focused conversations with children on the following the Information on COVID-19 and advice will be provided from the Public Health England guidance.

If the family needs some help, the Family Support Worker will connect them to appropriate sources of support. The Family Support Worker will only carry out a visit to the family in the event it is thought there is a deterioration in the family’s circumstances and a short, focused visit is thought the best approach to provide targeted support.

Any visit carried out will adhere to strict social distancing measures and will only be carried out as a last resort.


After any visit or phone call members of the network will be contacted for an update. The family will be made aware that this update will be being provided

With regards to the Youth Service the Bruce Grove Youth Centre will close from the 25th March. In order to ensure we maintain a service to vulnerable children who regularly use the centre an assertive outreach model will be in place to ensure Young People are spoken to track any changes in their well-being.  

The Youth Team will also work very closely with colleagues in Haringey Community Gold to ensure that there is a robust outreach presence in the community offering effective and supportive Public Health advice and guidance

For safeguarding concerns or requests for formal early help support, please contact the MASH service on 0208 489 4533

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