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Changes to the International Child Abduction and Contact Unit’s e-mail address and case reference

Child abduction is a criminal offence. If you believe that a child has been or is at risk of being abducted or, if a child has been taken overseas without consent, call the police immediately.

This includes parental child abduction, when a parent or relative, or someone acting on their behalf, removes a child from approved custody or violates their custody agreement and takes them abroad.

The International Child Abduction and Contact Unit offers (ICACU) guidance on the action to take if you think a child is at risk of abduction.

Changes to the ICACU’s e-mail address for requests for co-operation made under the 1996 Hague Child Protection Convention.

From 10th January 2022, the Official Solicitor and Public Trustee (OSPT) will move to a new case management system - Soteria.

ICACU sits in the Offices of the OSPT. There will be two noticeable changes. Case references will change and it is critical that the new six-digit case reference, which will be found in the subject header of all e-mails, is included in all communications as the old case reference will not be recognised. Additionally, all e-mails will be facilitated through Soteria using a generic team e-mail address, which for the ICACU will be  ICACU.soteria@ospt.gov.uk.Some minimal disruption is expected while the new system beds in.

Contact for additional information:   ICACU@ospt.gov.uk

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