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Early Help

Haringey’s Early Help strategy is a culmination of our development as a partnership to support children, young people and their families using a multi-agency team around the child and family approach underpinned by the ‘Haringey Way’. A key strength of our strategy is underpinned by what our children, young people and families tell us, what performance tells us and our quality assurance activity. This strategy reflects our priorities for the next two years, based on our Families Outcome Plan, clearly setting out the outcomes we expect to achieve as a result. Within this strategy, you will see a fantastic and true reflection of how partners are delivering early help services and creating transformation and sustainable change.

Haringey Early Help Strategy 2021-2023

Haringey Council’s Early Help and Prevention Offer

Haringey’s Well Being Assessment Model

Early Help Strategy Launch webinar

Find out more about the implementation of the strategy:


Closing statements from Cllr Brabazon (Cabinet member for Early Years, Children and Families)


We are also developing our LA Early Help offer on a page, Early Help Assessment Pathway and Support for Professionals.

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