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Welcome to Community and Voluntary Organisations

We all have a responsibility to help keep children safe. All organisations working with children and young people must have safeguarding policies and procedures in place and be able to respond to child protection concerns. But we understand that it's not always easy to know exactly what you need to do. As well as providing protection for individuals, voluntary organisations have a responsibility to safeguard their own reputation. It is therefore vital that they establish robust policies that are kept in constant review.

Some organisations work in more volatile environments than others, for example with young offenders or in mental health, in which case safety is a major consideration.

Following the correct procedures and having adequate insurance will mean that your organisation is best placed to deal with any potential problems and be protected should the worst happen. Finally, it is important to carry out regular reviews of all safeguarding processes, to ensure they are in line with current and best practice.

That's why we are delighted that we've produced a ‘Green book’ for voluntary and community groups in Haringey. Whether you're just starting out or you're reviewing existing processes, we're here to help.

Please download Haringey Green Book - Final March 2024.pdf 

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